Review of History in the Age of Abundance in Business History

Adam Nix, a lecturer in business and management at De Montford University, has just published a review of History in the Age of Abundance in Business History).

It’s a positive review! The takeaway is:

In many respects, History in the age of abundance? is a call to action for historians, urging a reaction to an increasingly digital past. In doing this, Milligan provides a clear and well-developed picture of those considerations likely to guide historians’ future practice. Those already working with digital sources will need little encouragement to read this book, but those with little or no present experience of such material would likely also find its content valuable and fascinating. Moreover, these readers may be grateful for its insight, sooner than they think.

Nix does push the book on a few areas, especially wishing that I’d spent a bit more time on other forms of born-digital sources such as e-mails, databases, etc.; he also notes that I could have spent a bit more time on corpus linguistics. Nix is charitable to note that the scope of my book didn’t necessarily include these, especially the former, but I agree that these are important issues worth considering further. Food for thought if there’s ever a second edition!

You can read the review here.

Ian Milligan

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