TVO's The Agenda: The Undoing of History

I had the great pleasure of appearing on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin, a fantastic current-affairs show that, to my mind, is one of the few venues for really deep dives into topics of critical importance.

In this segment, Christopher Dummitt (Trent University), Thabit Abdullah (York University), and myself grapple with the pressing question of where our students are going. Historians are sadly no stranger to the enrolment pressures that most of our institutions have been facing. While there have been exceptions—Yale had a “major comeback” a few years ago—most of us are still looking at classes that are quite a bit emptier than they were just a few years ago. Yet many of those same students are listening to historical podcasts, playing historically-themed video games, reading historical books… why don’t they make the leap to be a history major?

My sincerest thanks to Wodek Szemberg, who produced the segment, to my fellow panelists and the host Steve Paikin.

Ian Milligan
Associate Professor of History

Exploring how technology is transforming historical research.